Welcome to SCOPE School

SCOPE Public Hr. Sec. School is a venture of AISECT (All India Society for Electronics & Computer Technology), established on 1st July in the year 2001.Our school is affiliated to MP Board of Secondary Education. We rely on the concrete base of society of science and technology oriented learning. We empower our students with holistic life skills. We develop an exciting and motivating approach to learning that encourages the development of personal responsibility, which enables every child to succeed. As a school we want our children to develop a clear view of right from wrong and to feel safe, secure and valued. We want them to appreciate the needs of others and of the community around them.

We at Scope promote the ideals of respect for self, others and the environment, promoting positive self esteem and a social conscience, responsibility for oneself and society and resourcefulness, being able to respond, adapt and apply oneself in a changing environment .The school provides a happy, safe and caring environment where students are valued and gain a sense of belonging and common purpose and develop a strong sense of school pride and spirit.

Holistic Development and Augmentation

Holistic development, a process of self-actualization and learning that combines an individual’s mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual growth .Its premise is that an individual finds purpose and meaning in life through connections to the natural world, the community and through humanitarian values. As a development method, it attempts to integrate and encompass multiple layers of experience and meaning rather than placing a narrow focus on an individual’s potential and possibilities.

We provide the students with curriculum equipping them with essential life skills needed to become what they are meant to be- sensitive, caring and intellectual persons.

Principal’s Message

Mrs. Prakriti Chaturvedi principal

Our web site is indeed a small effort to disseminate information on the whereabouts of an institution backed by the international experiences in educational administration and supportive sharing of intellectual acquisitions. It would refer to the evolution of a unique Scopion experience almost of three centuries or so, of assuring an excellent atmosphere and of an in depth realization of democratic and child-centered approach to education. It is all inclusive and assuredly futuristic. The said genre of education has the unique impetus for individual care, being conspicuously enveloping persons, while being vibrantly collective in its import and purpose.