Science Lab

The school has well equipped Biology, Physics and Chemistry labs where regular practicals are held.

Biology Lab
Practical work plays an important role in understanding the basic principles of science. Biology is an interesting field of science where scientific facts are better understood by performing practicals in a systematic way. Biology laboratory of SCOPE Public Hr. Sec. School is well furnished & is catering to the doing & learning part of science. Children are testing and verifying the scientific facts wonderfully in the lab. Our Bio Lab is well equipped with Equipments Chemicals As instructed by the CBSE every care is taken that each experiment is conducted in a well structured way.

Chemistry Lab
The chemistry lab in SCOPE Public Hr. Sec. School is well equipped with chemicals & glass wares. We use demonstration Technique which is capable of showing each & every aspect of chemistry practical. The proper guidance of the concern teacher of availability of all the materials to the student makes it easier & comfortable for the students. Our lab can occupy 30 students at time. The handling of apparatus & chemical improve the precision and analytical power of students. By using all the apparatus students develop a confidence in them and they can understand the subject well.

Physics Lab
Physics is such an interesting subject that every student has his own way of talking about. Many of the ideas in Physics are lost sight of, because many of them concentrate mostly on the theoretical aspects of the subject. Physics laboratory of SCOPE Public Hr. Sec. School is well equipped according to the CBSE norms. The lab can easily accommodate 30 students at a time during the conduction of practical. The practicals that are conducted in the lab are exactly in accordance with the CBSE curriculum. During the conduction of the practical we take utmost care in the following areas, i.e. - Student must learn to ask questions Why, How and How do we know it as to give answers to these practicals are conducted.